Restoration Counseling strives to apply the biblical story of redemption to the challenges of life. We believe that Scripture is God’s inspired written revelation to humanity about what is true. True regarding God being the main character in the story of reality, who therefore has answers for the big questions of meaning. God's biblical story explains who we are as humans, what's gone wrong with humanity's relationship to God and to each other, what God has done about it in Christ, and what true restorative hope God brings through his Holy Spirit in the present and in the future to come. The biblical story is trustworthy in providing solutions to human problems and it is the final authority on all that is meaningful, precious, and complex in our lives.

Our philosophy is holistic - meaning emotive, relational, and truthful. We believe that people are made in God’s image, and to restore health to a person, we need to consider the dimensions of body, soul, and relationships. We desire to come alongside God in what he is already doing, his work of putting our broken stories back together through his grand story of grace and power. Our goal in gospel centered counseling is to establish a context of growth to become better stewards of our pain for the purposes of wholehearted living to glorify God. Our goal is accomplished by guiding individuals, couples, and families towards emotional and spiritual wholeness as well as imaginative and biblically missional enjoyments and endeavors of justice.

In order for counseling to be meaningful and effective, it must be theologically sound and it must also convey a sound theological presence.  Meaning, in order to reach out and love the complex motives of the heart, the heart must hear and feel something of the non-anxious, attentive, discerning, tender, and humble presence of God offered through the counselor leaning on the Holy Spirit.

In a honest relationship of mutual faithfulness between the counselor and counselee, we believe healing and growth can take place.  We believe our role as gospel centered counselors is to direct people to the sure hope and power of Christ to restore and heal.